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Titan Men - Coyote Point- David Anthony & Luke Cassidy
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It's 1953 in a small town north of Las Vegas, and a tinderbox of sexual tension is itching to burst. Everyone has heard the rumors about the infamous house near Coyote Point. As young Luke Cassidy finishes raking his neighbor's lawn, he's joined by tall and handsome David Anthony -- whose muscular chest bursts out of his tank. The conversation quickly escalates and the two relieve themselves on the lawn. The sight of David's huge cock gets Luke excited, giving the sultry older neighbor all the ammo he needs to continue his seduction: "You have nothing to be ashamed of... we all get hard-ons. Look, I got one, too." Despite his nervousness, Luke is under David's spell as their cocks throb. David leads Luke inside, instructing the impressionable younger man to his knees. "Put your mouth on it. It's okay... you'll like it." Luke feasts on David's monster meat, the beautiful silhouette of the action captured on the wall behind them -- an effective artistic touch that director Joe Gage employs throughout the feature. "Pull my nuts," commands the calm David. "You wanna be my little slut boy?" With his hand wrapped around Luke, David guides him through the heated suck. Luke stands up as David grinds against him in some hot swordplay -- and is soon sucked by his neighbor, whose own dick bobs in excitement. Luke sucks him back before the two stroke, intently staring at each other before they squirt -- including a huge load from Luke that lands on his own face.
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