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MSR - Rough Trade
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Here it is - MSR's roughest sex yet! Watch as hot young boys get abducted off the streets and brought to a filthy hidden alley where they are put through their paces.

Cody Cash, Nick Piston, Chuck DiRocco
Big-dicked Nick Piston and hot, hairy, muscular Chuck DiRocco are roaming around at night looking for trouble when they stumble upon studly street guy Cody Cash. Spiriting him away to do their bidding, they strip him naked, tie him up and throw him into the back of their truck and force him to swallow their massive cocks. Chuck shoves Cody’s face onto Nick’s throbbing dick, making Cody gag and spit. Nick and Chuck smack his ass, slap him around, beat his face with their stiff dicks and take turns forcing their meaty pricks deep down his willing throat until the two studs blow their loads all over Cody’s face. When they’re done using and abusing Cody, Nick and Chuck haul him back outside and dump him on the train tracks, gagged, trussed and struggling.

Corbin Michaels, Nick Capra, Nick Piston
Nick Piston and Chuck hog tie Corbin Michaels and hand him over to be fucked by Nick Capra. Nick Piston and Chuck are back out on the road looking for more trouble. They find and tie up cute Corbin Michaels in the back of their jeep and dump him in the alley where handsome, muscular Nick Capra wastes no time roughing up his victim, first forcing Corbin to tongue clean his ass as he slides up and down his face, then shoving his thick, stiff dick down Corbin’s throat and spitting in his face as Corbin sucks and slurps on his rod. Nick turns the tables on Corbin and sucks Corbin’s dick for awhile, then slams a hot fuck up Corbin’s muscular ass. Corbin pulls on his dick as he bounces wildly on Nick’s greasy pole. Nick fucks him every possible way, standing up then on his back, opening Corbin’s tight fuck hole and shoving deep inside as Corbin angrily spits in his face. Nick erupts in a volcano of jizz, spraying a huge load of hot cum all over Corbin’s taut body and then greedily licking it up. Corbin shoots all over his own hot six-pack and when he’s done, Nick tosses his ass out on the street.

Chuck DiRocco, Daxx Reed, Kent Larson, Nick Piston
Nick Piston and Chuck DiRocco deliver hot ripped Daxx Reed to sexy, tan and tattooed Kent Larson, and Nick and Kent use their new fuck toy in every way possible. As Chuck watches from the truck, Nick and Kent make out while they force Daxx to service their cocks, shoving his face down on each other’s dicks each time he tries to take a break. The two studs take turns fucking Daxx over a barrel as the other forcefeeds him his dick. Nick literally fucks the cum out of Daxx while he savagely gags and slobbers on Kent’s dick. Nick continues to bang Daxx’s ass until he pulls out and shoots his hot load, covering Daxx’s sweaty back in cum. A train whistle blows in the distance, reminding Nick and Chuck that they’ve left Cody on the tracks. After Nick and Chuck hightail it out of there, Kent takes over and fucks Daxx’s hungry hole again, pounding it mercilessly, then moving in front to fuck Daxx’s face until he spews an unbelievably massive sticky load. Kent spreads his legs over the barrel to expose his hot tight hole, and Daxx dives right in, getting so turned on by the sight and taste that he shoots another hot load onto Kent’s back, dripping down onto the filthy floor.

Cody Cash, Nick Capra, Rod Barry
In the final scene, Nick and Chuck retrieve Cody from the train tracks and hand him over to vicious Rod Barry and Nick Capra. They get him under control while they tie his wrists so Nick can choke him with his fat dick; Nick plants himself on Cody’s hard ripped pecs while Rod squats on his face and forces him to lick his ass crack clean. The two tops strip Cody, take his belt and use it to pull his head into each of their asses for yet another tongue cleaning, and face fuck their bottom until he gags and chokes. Rod buttfucks Cody doggy style while Nick forces his cock down his throat from the other end, and switch off so Cody can suck Nick while Rod rides his ass from behind. Rod and Nick dump their hot loads on Cody’s tight body and when they’re finished, they pick him up and toss him in the dumpster.

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