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In the Jeans (2005) Studio 2000 DVD
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director Mike Donner

Brad Slater
Christian Owen
Jason Crew
Jason Harley
Jason Kingsley
John Marcus
Niko (Chip)
Rafael Alencar
Ty Walker
Viktor Perseo

Studio 2000 is thrilled to welcome acclaimed industry giant Mike Donner into our stable of master directors—with our latest staggeringly brilliant sure-to-be-smash In the Jeans! In the Jeans asks a deliciously provocative question: What is it about a beautiful chiseled stud in a pair of tight blue jeans that drives us as gay men into such cock-pumping lust? Maybe it's the way they hug an exquisite cock, thighs, balls, and ass so tight we can just about taste the pre-cum! Donner gives us a blazing look at all the forms this unstoppable denim-on-flesh lust takes—a cum-blasting look full of fucking, sucking, and ass-licking!

Starring in this scorching series of episodes are two exotic Studio 2000 exclusive sex gods, beautiful Brazilian Rafael Alencar and phenomenal French-Canadian Jason Harley, along with eight other jaw-droppingly delectable studs: miraculously ripped olive-skinned Eastern European Niko, ultra-virile and gorgeous Spaniard Vikter Perseo, sculpted South African Jason Kingsley, lean and heaven-hung Jason Crew, gruffy John Marcus, handsome tattooed blond Ty Walker, boyish and adorable Christian Owen, and cute as hell Latin street tough Brad Slater!

In the Jeans opens with our host, flawlessly muscled olive-skinned wet dream Niko, coming home with an armload of shopping bags full of blue jeans. As he sits down clad only in a form-fitting pair, he lets the denim of several other pairs caress the skin of his breath-defyingly perfectly abs. He tells us of his roots in Eastern Europe (though he could easily be mistaken for Latino)—where people will do anything for a pair of jeans, because it's “the one single piece of clothing that can turn you on.” Niko proves this all too well as he introduces every scene—in and out of his jeans—and strokes his magnificent cock.

1. Jason Harley, Jason Crew

2. Viktor Perseo, John Marcus

3. Christian Owen, Ty Walker

4. Rafael Alencar, Jason Kingsley, Brad Slater

5. Niko (Chip) solo
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