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William Higgins - Str8Hell - Klark Junak vs Fero Seran - WRESTLING (1080p)
Nude wrestlingHunksEuro BoyMuscleMasturbation

Released:   January  19, 2020

Klark Junak and Fero Seran are paired in a wrestling match. Dressed in just underwear the two of them begin with some stretching exercises. Then it is on with the match as the guys get to grips with each other. Rolling around on the mats as they grapple they quickly have each other bare-assed. We see the naked asses and cocks as the guys try to get a decent hold. Fero is the first to achieve that and score a point for a submission. As they roll around and try to gain a decent hold they spank each other too. The cocks flail and the asses spread as they wrestle with Klark soon scoring a point too. Resuming the match it doesn't take long for Feran to score again, and his cock seems to grow too. His big cock flops around as the grapple with each other, spanking asses too. Klark puts in a lot of effort and manages to level the score before they take break of oil each other all over. Klark seems to enjoy pulling on Feran's swollen cock as he oils it, twice. Then, when both coated in the oil, they resume the match, sliding all over the place as they do so. Feran is quick to score another point. He gains another after using some underhand techniques to squeeze Klark's balls. Klark replies in kind by squeezing hard on Feran's dick to gain a point. Then, with the match over and Feran the winner they settle down to wank. They start to get hard and give each other a little want too. Then Klark, as the loser has to give Feran's cock a lick too. They return to wanking hard with Feran the first to shoot his hot cum onto the mats below. Klark continues to wank until he milks cum from his cock too. They clean each other off and then go to the shower.

Actor:   Klark Junak, Fero Seran    

Duration : 29 min 27 s
1920x1080 3979kbps
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