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Treasure Island Media - Suck Dick, Save The World 7
BlowjobCum EatingHairy TattoosMuscleBig DickGroup Sex
Released September 2019

Runtime 2h 04m

Max SohlFor SUCK DICK SAVE THE WORLD 7, Treasure Island Media went around the fucking globe to bring you a collection of men from all over doing what men have been doing since time infinitum. Sucking Dick. Saving the World.
10 explosive scenes from directors Dice, MECOS, Adan Medina, Paul Morris, Paul Stag and Max Sohl.
Filmed in Portland, New York, San Francisco, Colombia, Mexico and London.
Featuring Americans, Mexicans, Latin Americans, Irish, English, Italian and Spanish men who all have one thing in common: hard dicks that need to be sucked and mouths that will not be satisfied until cum is spurting freely down their throats into hungry bellies.


Mexico City
Director: MECOS

Lean tatted hot skater boy JOHNNY meets up with LEO LOZANO in a private backyard garden to get his thick uncut meat serviced. The two start making out, but you know this is just JOHNNY teasing the cocksucker who desperately wants his lips around that hard dick.
JOHNNY kicks back in a chair and lets LEO go to work and take control of his cock. LEO licks it up and down, deep throating to the base. JOHNNY starts to face fuck the eager mouth, gagging him with each thrust and then stands up to feed him the sweet juice LEO has been wanting all along. LEO’s own dick spontaneously shoots a load all over the garden pavement.

Portland, USA
Director: Dice

Some men live to suck and service dick. They are happiest when they can get down on their knees and have their throats put to good use.
LUKE GREEN is a horny guy who loves having his uncut cock worked over by a hungry and thankful mouth. AYLER PARK is a dick pig with a bottomless throat. LUKE kicks back and then quickly pins AYLERS’ face down so he can impale it on his hard shaft.
After being fed his first load, AYLER doesn’t let up and continues to suck LUKE until his balls are completely empty - shooting a second load right onto the cocksucker’s tongue.

London (UK)
Director: Paul Stag

ALEXX STIER (Italy) and JAY CARRINGTON (Ireland) are all over each other. These two horn dogs take turns sucking each other’s dick in a race to see who can get the other's cum first.
Rolling on the floor, then the couch, fucking face, deep throating the uncut Euro dicks. JAY cums first and then practically demands that ALEXX return the favor and feed him his cum.
Egged on by Paul Stag, ALEXX does his best to choke JAY with cock, motivating JAY to yell out, “Fuck, I love dick!”

Director: Adan Medina

VOLTIO slobbers all over ANDRES RIVERA’s uncut dick. Worshipping the foreskin and balls and allowing his face to be repeatedly rammed by the hard horny dick. VOLTIO goes balls deep all the way up to the pubes until he is nearly drowning in his own spit.
ANDRES starts to play target practice with the cocksucker’s mouth, using a fistful of hair to hold his head in place. He then sits down so VOLTIO can get to work milking the man’s cock. Using his mouth, his hands, his tongue and lips the boy does everything he can to get the load.
ANDRES delights in humiliating VOLTIO along the way including feeding him a hefty stream of fresh PISS before dumping his wet scummy load right down VOLTIO’s throat.

New York City, USA
Director: Max Sohl

It is a good old fashioned ‘blow ‘n go’ when a very horned up TEDDY FOREST responds to a equally horny TYLER MONROE’s open call for dick.
TEDDY has a huge fat cock. No sooner does he enter than he has TYLER’s mouth stretching around it. TYLER knows what he is doing. He creates a popper fueled encounter and then teases TEDDY with his tongue all over his dick and his balls.
When it comes right down to it, Teddy’s meat is so fat – it requires some two-fisted assisted action from TYLER that sends him right over the edge. TEDDY instructs him to keep doing it “like that” and away he blows… says thank you… and leaves.

Location: Colombia
Director: Adan Medina

This is a good case of be careful what you wish for… Eager self-proclaimed cock pig VICENTE DAVOS considers himself a cock aficionado. Placed on his knees in front of the three hard dicks of one of our favorite Latino top men DANTE PIERO, along with LEONEL CORTEZ and CHICO VALE, you can see how almost immediately his eyes glaze over from all the testosterone of these horny machismos.
There’s no going back. VICENTE has no choice but to keep sucking all three men who were promised some good relief. One by one they take turns fucking the mouth and egging each other on to use the cocksucker. CHICO helps out a little, unable to resist a free hard dick, sucking the cock of the man who isn’t being blown by DAVOS and eventually sucking CHICO’s dick as he takes turns sucking DANTE and LEONEL and getting his throat fucked.
Lucky VICENTE still gets all three loads in his belly as the dicks start shooting simultaneously in a cavalcade of jizz.

Location: London, UK
Director: Paul Stag

They say RONNIE ENGLISH has the biggest dick in British porn with 11 beautiful uncut inches. After getting his mouth wrapped about that monster cock and some powerful throat thrusts Spaniard JS TORO gets so lusterfucked he can barely speak.
RONNIE lays back for some good servicing of his man meat and when he has had his fill, stands up and power fucks his cum into TORO’s well-used mouth and throat.

Portland, USA
Director: Dice

It’s a communal group face fuck as lucky bottom LUKAS CIPRIANI gets on his knees to suck off a room full of horned up boners. RAY DIESEL (and his big dick) start using the mouth first as JOE ROSCOE, CESAR XES, AUGUST ALEXANDER and MICAH MARTINEZ patiently wait their turns.
RAY feeds LUKAS fairly early on and that sets off the pack of boys in heat as the guys surround LUKAS and each have a go until they are squirting cum and feeding loads, one after another after another after another.

Mexico City
Director: MECOS

On first look, it would appear that NATGIO is going to suck off TADEO GARCIA and NINO NAUTA. These 3 men go at it like a box full of Mexican jumping beans. TADEO and NINO start off by fucking NATGIO’s mouth, but they soon start to switch off with everybody’s mouth on everybody’s dicks that get harder and harder with each thrust into each mouth.
TADEO and NINO deliver back to back cum feedings into NATGIO’s gullet and then get down on their knees to take their buddy’s load at the same time.

San Francisco, USA
Director: Paul Morris

SUCK DICK SAVE THE WORLD 7 culminates in this perfect classic San Fran swallow scene featuring the extraordinary dicks of BRAD McGUIRE and SVEN NORSE fully using TRUCKEE RIVERS’ zealous lips, tongue and throat.
TRUCKEE is already on his knees panting for cock before BRAD and SVEN even have a chance to whip it out. And when they do – it’s cocksucking time. TRUCKEE makes a meal of BRAD’s foreskin, flicking it back to get to the head of the dick and then - always in charge BRAD – shoves RIVERs’ face onto SVEN’s rock hard manhood.
Back and forth from one piece of meat to the other, TRUCKEE works the cocks until he is fed thick white dollops of tasty MCGUIRE and NORSE's seed.
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