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Man Up Films - Twink Cop Mind Fuck (Daniel Hausser, Lance Hart, Sgt Miles)
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Daniel Hausser, a rookie Twink Cop finds himself in a hospital bed with no pants. His “Doctor,” Lance Hart is standing over him. Dr Lance assures him that everything will be ok.

Daniel’s Sargent, Sargent Miles, shows up to check on him. Dr Lance explains to his Sargent that he will be ok, but right now he’s going to need a dick in his ass. Dr Lance ask asks the good Sargent if he’s willing to donate. David is completely confused as to what is going on, and why his Sargent would go along with this, but he’s a rookie and has to trust him.
Lance leaves them to fuck, then returns and says “freeze” and they freeze in their place. Lance is actually an Alien with full mind control powers over humans. He’s having some fun with this cops. He moves them around while they are frozen, licks the young cadet’s feet, then makes Sargent Miles lick his feet.

Lance makes the cadet suck his Sargent’s cock, while Lance squeezes his balls and sucks the cum out of the cadet’s dick. He think instructs them to go back to fucking and leaves them.
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