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Triple Treat (1983) Colt Buckshot
Doug Weston
Frank Vickers
Glen Steers
Loren Marks
Neal Shaw
Peter Barrie
Tim Daniels

Three unrelated scenes

1. Magic of Power
Frank Vickers, Neal Shaw
As Neal sleeps, he envisions the kind of man he most desires. How else but in a dream could he experience the magnificence of Vickers? His excitement rises as the tower of power changes from fantasy to flesh and blood with the feel, touch, and taste of reality. Especially the taste....
The film captures the sweaty intensity of man-to-man sex. Hardened biceps, swinging cocks, booted calves, hairy armpits, swollen balls, and wet red mouths collide on every frame.
Stunningly photographed, THE MAGIC OF POWER is set on an empty stage where the only players are Vickers and Shaw, and the only props are the unlimited reaches of their imaginations.

2. Heads Up
Doug Weston, Loren Marks
We have all felt the tingle of excitement when the Barber presses a bulging crotch against our arm. Loren gets to act out the fantasy with his new barber, Doug, that ends with a blow dry that he won't soon forget.
"I'm a barber. It's not a hard job, really. But sometimes it gets a little tricky, like the other day.
"You see, I had this real good-lookin' guy in my chair. And my big o' prick just couldn't seem to restrain itself. So when he leaves, and the shop is empty, I take it out and start playing with it. And then - oh shit - here comes another customer.
"So I stuff it back in my pants (had a hell of a time of it, too) and set this nice looking guy down in the chair. But you know, the fuckin' thing just wouldn't go down, so I decide to have a little fun with this hunk, showing off my fat hard-on and rubbin' my crotch against him. Well, you can guess what that let to - everything!
"Like I said, being a barber ain't a bad job at all."

3. Triple Treat (short): Tail in the Sun
Glen Steers, Peter Barrie, Tim Daniels
Take one classic blue Bentley, two insatiable playboys, a desert road and a hitchhiker with a heavy load. Mix well with an invitation to a very private party and you've got a three way cock tale, stirred, and definitely shakin'!
For hors d'oeuvre's, Glen's thick hard meat is an irresistible treat for Tim and Peter who, together, go tat it hungrily. To their delight the sausage proves to be dessert when it erupts with a big serving of heavy cream. And before this party is over everyone is stuffed and content.
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