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The Devil's Playground (1976) 576p BluRay x264-MM
AustraliaCatholicBoys SchoolSexual AwakeningMale NudityMutual MasturbationFirst TimeGay Sexual Experience

The Devil's Playground

Young men torn between..
physical desire and religious discipline.

Country: Australia
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Duration: 1h 47min
IMDb: 6.8
Director: Fred Schepisi
Writers: Fred Schepisi
Producers: Fred Schepisi, Greg Tepper
Stars: Charles McCallum, John Frawley, Arthur Dignam, Simon Burke..

AFI Awards 1976
Best Film: Fred Schepisi
Best Director: Fred Schepisi
Best Actor Lead Role: Nick Tate
Best Actor Lead Role: Simon Burke
Best Original Screenplay: Fred Schepisi
Best Achievement Cinematography: Ian Baker

Australia's most honoured film!

Plot Keywords:
Australia, Catholic, Boys School, Sexuality/Awakening..
Male Nudity, Mutual Masturbation, First Time, Gay Sexual.

Movie Info:
Fred Schepsi wrote and directed this tense coming of age melodrama which takes place at a Roman Catholic boarding school. The film deals with the charged emotional tensions of a group of teenage boys, who find their sexual urges stifled by the school's oppressive atmosphere. Depicting the chaste lifestyle of the religious functionaries, the burgeoning sexual desires of the young men are bottled up until they are ready to explode.

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