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William Higgins - Str8Hell - Mojzis Kral - MILKING MEN
SoloMasturbationJerked OffHelping HandsTied UpFingeringDildoMuscleSmoothTattoos
Released March 3, 2020

Sexy Mojzis Kral looks so good as he sits n the chair, with restraints on his arms and legs. Naked, apart from his underwear his hot body soon feels a hand rubbing over it. The hand rubs Mojzis chest and the starts to rub his groin through the underwear. A massaging tool is rubbed over the bulging underwear and up Mojzis chest as well. The hands then take some scissors and cut the underwear, releasing one side and showing off Mojzis pubic hair as the massage is rubbed over his groin again. Then more snipping at the underwear, leaiving the waistband intact, teases even more. Slowly Mojzis cock and balls are exposed as the massager rubs over them. A few more cuts see the underwear completely off, with just a little resting on the balls. The cock and balls are fully exposed as the massage and a hand rubs the cock. The hand takes hold of the cock and starts to wank it. The cock is slapped on the sexy body as well. Some oil is dripped onto the cock and rubbed over the head. The big balls rest between Mojzis thighs as the cock is rubbed. That big cock gets hard as it is wanked. What a lovely big handful it is too. More oil is dripped onto the head and rubbed in. The cock stands proud as it is wanked. Mojzis clearly enjoys the feeling as his big cock is wanked, and his balls are squeezed too. Then Mojzis is re-arranged, with his arms holding his legs up, wrists tied to the chair again. That exposed his sexy ass and the hot hole. The cock is held up as oil is rubbed all over the tight hole. A finger teases that hot hole as it rubs the oil over it. Then the finger slips into the hole and starts to fuck it. More oil is dripped onto the hole and a dildo rubs over it. That dildo is pushed into the hole and fucks gently. The hole is stretched as the toy works in and out. Then it is removed and the hands go back to wanking on Mojzis big cock. The ass hole looks so inviting though and the finger cant resist going in again. The finger fucks deep into Mojzis hole as the other hand holds his massive cock. Then the finger comes out and the cock is wanked again. Mozjis is close to cu mming as his dick is wanked but before that his ties are removed and he sits up in the chair. The wanking continues apace until that big cock gives up the cum.
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