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Powerfull 2 The Return (1989) Stryker Productions DVD
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Rare DVD of this video, out of print for years.

director Jeff Stryker

Alex Stone
Beau Beaumont
Dany Brown
Doug Niles
Giorgio Meselli
Jeff Dixon
Jeff Stryker
Joe Cade
Neil Thomas
Peter Alexander
Rick Stryker
Steve Kennedy

Legendary Jeff Stryker is back behind bars! For the first time ever Jeff and his boyfriend share a tender moment of intense 69ing!

1. Jeff Stryker, Doug Niles, Joe Cade

2. Neil Thomas, Jeff Dixon

3. Rick Stryker, Peter Alexander

4. Steve Kennedy, Alex Stone

5. Jeff Stryker, Beau Beaumont, Steve Kennedy

6. Dany Brown, Giorgio Meselli

7. Jeff Stryker, Alex Stone
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