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CF Documentation March 2020
CF catalogs and spreadsheet

I've updated my documentation material for CF (last posted in Sep 2018 ).
There are seven parts:

CF 1 - ACM
descriptions and pics for all ACM videos

CF 2 - ACM Extra
items like Pete's Attic, BA-CF co-operation and profile videos

CF 3 - ACS
descriptions and pics for all ACS videos

CF 4 - DVD and VOD
descriptions and pics for CF DVDs and Video On Demand titles

CF 5 - CF Select
descriptions and pics for the CFS collections and "exclusive" videos

CF 6 - Model Guide
an "a.k.a." list, stats and pics for all male models

CF 7 - CF Spreadsheet

detailed info on all CF stuff
can also be used as a tool to keep track of your own CF collection

See all sample pictures here:
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