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Falcon - Mustang - Crotch Rocket (2010)
Erik Rhodes blasts another hit outta the park with Crotch Rocket. Be it riding a revved-up motorbike or better yet, another man, nothing beats the feeling of rolling thunder throbbing between your thighs. So join our cast of nine as they hop on their personalized Crotch Rockets to speed off on new and exciting adventures that quickly exceeds all their wild expectations.

Samuel Colt hits a popular bar while waiting for his repaired bike. He spots Alessio Romero and Arpad Miklos playing pool as barkeep Brenn Wyson reports that the loser's agreed to bottom for a gangbang. Alessio loses and Arpad, Samuel and Brenn waste no time holding the wiry jock to the deal. They corner Alessio like a pig in a pole and drown him in dicks and spit. They brutalize him with taunts, punches and slaps as they jam their cocks into his mouth, even two at a time. Then the unholy trinity each take turns fucking their compliant man-whore after prepping his asshole with a rimming. Samuel and Brenn double-team Alessio stretching his sphincter wide as they cram both their cocks inside. Samuel, Arpad and Brenn then finish by showering their quarry with their cum. Brenn is the first to blast Alessio straight in the face, then Arpad drizzles his spooge all over and Samuel creams him with his load. And only after all that can Alessio jerk himself off to finally bust his nut.

Drew Cutler and Conner Habib wanna party hearty but the club's already closed. Feeling hot to trot, nothing's gonna squelch their efforts to whoop it up. They decide to revel right there in the street. They kiss and grapple like horny teenagers before Conner starts sucking away on Drew's corncob. Then the big man returns the favor, drawing Conner's dick outta his jeans so he can stuff it down his throat. The guys switch it up again and Drew grabs hold of Conner's head and force-feeds him his engorged dick. He then primes Conner's ass, stretching the cheeks apart so he can slap and lick the hole. Conner sighs with pleasure as he sits atop Drew's dick and rides him fast. They continue screwing with Conner gasping his approval. Then they trade places and Drew lays back to get his hole drilled. They face off and Drew is the first to cum as he blasts his buddy's mug with his juice. And Conner follows up, matching his partner-in-crime squirt for squirt.

No wonder none of the bikes are getting fixed. Mechanic Sean Everett is busy sucking on customer Sean Stavos' big shift stick. He grips the shaft and strokes it lovingly as his lips slurp up and down its fleshy length. The men soon switch positions and Stavos loses himself in the folds of the grease monkey's fleshy foreskin as he gives him a blowjob. Everett shivers with excitement as he then gets a rim job, his client's quick tongue darting in and out his hairy cleft. After wetting the puckered sphincter with his spit and lapping away to prime it, Stavos proceeds to stick his prick in the butt crack and fucks it fast and furious. He slaps Everett's ass cheeks with sharp swats as they continue screwing non-stop in different positions. Both men are panting hard until Everett can no longer hold on and he shoots his load all over his partner's belly. And Stavos answers with a stream of warm cum churning all the way up from his big balls to ejaculate explosively.

Samuel Colt picks up his bike and encounters Cameron Adams. The atmosphere tingles with excitement as the young clerk flirts with the big biker; their mutual lust is immediate and palpable. Cameron's like a rabid dog as he buries his face in Samuel's crotch and sucks away madly. There's a lot of kissing, spitting and face-fucking as Cameron hungrily deep throats Samuel's meat pistol. The big hunk matches his buddy's enthusiasm and starts to nurse on Cameron's candy cane. Then he rims his butt hole making it slick enough for him to slide his cock inside. Samuel pumps away in easy measured thrusts, slow and sure at first, then hard and fast. Cameron moans and grimaces, enjoying every anal charge whether lying on his back or on his knees or sitting atop and riding Samuel's pole. He dismounts and jerks himself to climax and Samuel responds, squealing his pleasure as he climaxes and cums. Then he collapses exhausted and beat onto his partner's heaving chest.

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