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LucasKazan - Ettore Tosi & Robbie Rojo
You know REAL chemistry when you see it. With Robbie Rojo and Ettore, Tosi there was no sex choreography to discuss, no blocking, no stop-and-go. We simply let them loose and did our best to capture every minute. The results? Ettore pounds Robbie (doggie, cowboy and sideway); Robbie takes it like a champ –and a hung champ to boot.

LucasKazan - Ettore Tosi & Robeson
describes himself as versatile, but “more of a bottom, really.” Sweet god in heaven! This 23 year old latin stallion shows how true that is as puts him through the paces: missionary, doggie, cowboy, you name it – he takes it all like a champ in this hot scene from

LucasKazan – Ettore Tosi & Andrea
Meet 18 year old Andrea: tanned, uncut, thick black hair, deep dark eyes, Andrea epitomizes the splendor of youth (and of male beauty), with an all-Sicilian twist. He's a gifted athlete --watch him demonstrate a summer sault. And, at 18, this Sicilian jock has no problems at all keeping it hard for hours. In fact, the opposite is true: director Ettore Tosi had problems getting just a few 'soft' shots for this XXX Casting

LucasKazan – Ettore Tosi & Diego Frondi
Diego Frondi is built like a brick. At 27, this hot Sicilian hunk manages to work out every day and to attend classes at the University. He makes no secret of his escorting career - which pays for both his graduate studies and the gym. "Many customers want me to top", Diego says. "Oftentimes, they aren't really looking for sex. They're looking for someone to talk to". That may be true, but Diego sure proves he can bottom in his gay porn debut.

LucasKazan – Ettore Tosi & Hector De Silva
It’s nice to see Italian porn director Ettore Tosi in front of camera again. And it’s easy to see why, since his scene partner is gorgeous Spanish porn star Hector De Silva. Check out the XXX preview video of this scene below

LucasKazan – Ettore Tosi & Lenny
I'm everything," says Lenny, 22. "Gay, straight, bisexual. I like boys and girls." Despite his flawless Italian Lenny's looks tell you he's from Morocco. Clearly he inherited the beauty of his native country, but none of its sexual inhibitions. "What gets me excited? A big cock up my ass!" --Watch him demonstrate with coach Ettore Tosi.

LucasKazan – Ettore Tosi & Lorenzo Arca
24 year old Lorenzo Arca is no ordinary trainee and this is no ordinary Private File. For the first time, Ettore Tosi shares his most intimate sexual life, not only as the expert coach you've come to know, but as a real-life partner too. Come see what happens in the bedroom, when an Italian pornstar and his on-and-off Sicilian boyfriend get it on.

LucasKazan – Ettore Tosi & Luca
Luca debutes in a HOT Private Sex File with Ettore Tosi. We don't ordinarily work with twinks, but Luca proved such an avid bottom, i loved this ebullient Sagittarius !

LucasKazan – Ettore Tosi & LucaB
I'd like to be in a gay porn movie," said Luca B. in his first interview. And so I thought to myself, why not give him a chance right there and then? I knew he wanted me, he knew I liked him. Piece of cake! --Ettore Tosi

LucasKazan – Ettore Tosi & Manuel
Ettore's Private Sex Files are back! Manuel is 26, studies engineering in Naples and has been in a relationship for a year and a half ("my boyfriend isn't happy about this casting", Manuel admits). His smoldering, hypnotic green eyes photograph incredibly well. So does his uncut 7 inch cock and his round butt! Like most Italian men, Manuel considers himself a skilled top, but I wanted to put him to the test as a bottom instead. He passed with flying colors, won't you agree?

LucasKazan – Ettore Tosi & Philippe Delvaux
I picked up Philippe Delvaux at the Brindisi airport. One look at this 19 year old, another at Italian stallion Ettore Tosi and I knew their scene would be a breeze, if they didn't get their hands on each other the night before. Luckily, the sexual energy was spared for the camera and the hot flip flop is for everyone to enjoy

LucasKazan – Ettore Tosi & Pietro Cattani
Gray-haired Pietro Cattani is is taught a lesson by young Ettore, his son's best-friend. Two huge, uncut, all-Italian cocks you don't want to miss

LucasKazan – Ettore Tosi 15 years
A 15 years anniversary compilation of Ettore’s adventures !

LucasKazan – My Professor
Bonus : Pietro Cattani, older but still a hot  talian stud
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