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Seth Black's Beach Patrol (1999) BG Enterprise
analoralgeneral hardcorecondoms
director Seth Black

Alex Wilcox
Christopher Young
David Pierre
Ethan Marc
Nick Steel (2)
Scott Davis
Seth Black

"Three cops - a lieutenant and two officers - have recently raided the all-male whorehouse in Santa Monica, and put the old pimp daddy in the slammer. Now it's the job of pimp daddy's top hustlers (Seth, Ethan, Nick and Christopher) to get pimp daddy out and clear his name. . .so they can get back to work. After hearing about some helpful new gadgets from "Spys For You", they put their plan into action. By blackmailing the Beach Patrol cops into having sex, they'll be able to free their "daddy" for sure."

1. David Pierre, Christopher Young

2. Scott Davis, Ethan Marc

3. Alex Wilcox, Nick Steel (2)

4. Scott Davis, Seth Black
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