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William Higgins - Vova Buchnev - EROTIC SOLO
SoloMasturbationJerking OffSlimLeanSmoothTattoosAss PlayShower
Released 20 January 2020

Vova Buchnev lives in Brno and is aged 26. He is a student who enjoys sports, boxing and jogging. He is a good looking guy and we find him as he is feeling his body and groping his groin as he lays on the bed. Then he opens his shirt and removes it, revealing his sexy chest. He feels over the chest and slips a hand into his pants too. he gropes himself in the pants for a while. The the pants are pushed down to show off his cock which Vova wanks as his balls nestle between his thighs. He continues wanking his hard cock as he shows off his body. Then Vova lifts his legs and shows off his hot ass hot too. His legs are closed trapping cock and balls as he wanks and shows his ass hole at the same time. He also pulls on his ass as the hole is fully exposed. Then Vova turns over onto his knees and shows off his ass and the hole again. He continues his wanking as he shows that sexy ass. AFter that he sits on the floor, legs wide apart, and wanks his cock hard and fast. That results in the release of his hot cum which shoots everywhere. He milks himself dry and then goes off to the shower to clean up.
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