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Corbin Fisher - ACM2587 - Ethan IV (1080p)
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Added: March 21, 2020  |  Video Length: 12:30

When Ethan first arrived at CF, he was a bit reserved. He’s not the shy and quiet type, though! Rather, his being reserved was more a result of him just liking to observe, get a feel for his surroundings, and get the measure of things before fully opening up. Once Ethan did open up, we were all thrilled to discover he has to be one of the most personable, friendly, outgoing guys around. He’s engaging and witty and, as you’ll see in his introductory solo, quite the flirt! Ethan should teach classes on how to pleasure oneself! Indeed, he doesn’t just jerk off - he makes love to himself! His hands are roaming all over his body, he expertly works over his dick, plays with his hole - as we filmed his solo we were all astounded not only at how sexy this stud is, but how sexy he makes stroking off! We’ve found in Ethan the quintessential all-American college jock who just happens to be an ultra sensual and sexual stud to boot!

(He is the 4th Ethan to be named as such by CF.  Apologies for the oversight on the filename.)
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