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The Bouncer (2004) Big Blue mp4
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director  Blue Blake

Ben Campezi
Gage Blake
Jake Gianelli
Jason Hawke
Jim Slade
Tony Cage
Tony Valentino
Viktor Perseo
N Blue Blake
N Sara Diaz

N=Non-sexual role

In The Bouncer, the talented Blue Blake finds his ideal leading man in the impressive form of bodybuilder Jake Gianelli. Jake fits the bill for the director's signature straight bodybuilder has gay sex theme perfectly. Jake is a bouncer who is also into other stuff. Namely, helping his buds get bigger through the use of illegal supplements. And he's not above asking for sexual favours in trade for his wares. Director Blue Blake continues to shock, surprise and get us all off big time with this narrative fuck flick featuring that wall of mass muscled flesh, coverman Jake Gianelli. From straight and shady trade, to abduction, flexing, posing, outdoor jack-offs, and oral cumshots (Jim Slade takes Tony Valentino's massive load in the piehole), this one is sure to turn some heads and turn you on. This movie features outrageously huge bodybuilders fucking, sucking, rimming, taking part in threeways and eating cum!
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