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Lucas Entertainment - Flatiron Fuckers - Claudio Martin and Zack Randall
Claudio Martin and Zack Randall
from Flatiron Fuckers
on 11.20.09

Scene One: Latin lothario Claudio Martin and sweet twink Zack Randall spend just moments kissing as the clothes fly and Zack makes his way down to Claudio's big cock. Claudio humps furiously at Randall's soft lips before dropping to his knees to repay the favor. They both make their way to the floor to partake in a mutual suckfest. Claudio rims Zack's tight boy-hole before getting on his back to let Zack ride his big cock. Zack finishes himself off with Claudio still inside him then gets down to catch Martin's jizz in his eager mouth.
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