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TheBestFlex - Mr Latz - Muscle Fuck and Domination
Muscle WorshipMuscularBodybuilderHunkMuscleSmoothMasturbationHelping HandsJerked OffCum
Released October 2018

The all-American hunk that is Mr Latz is about to take you on a muscle fantasy adventure that you never imagined could come true. Starting by teasing you with his impressive bicep peaks and massive quads, he sees that you quickly get hard at the sight of his godly aesthetics. But he isn't done yet, as he's out to show just how much power he has over you, by making you cum with just his muscles. As he wraps his massive bicep around your hard cock, you can't help but groan with pure muscle excitement. Then, with your cock trapped between his massive quads, he knows he has you totally beat. Grabbing your cock and jerking while he flexes makes you explode like you've never done before. This is 20 minutes of muscle fuck taken to the next level.

(While the title says "Muscle Fuck", there is no anal penetration in the vid, and that term refers to the guy's penis being rubbed all over Mr. Latz' muscles.)
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