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Naked Sword - A Murdered Heart Sc 1 - Angel Rivera and Alexander Savage 720p
Released February 12, 2020

A Murdered Heart, Scene 1 (00:22:42)
Stars: Angel Rivera, Alexander Savage

Award-winning director Marc MacNamara delivers a masterful drama that follows the stories of three young men who are sent to conversion therapy camp, ultimately proving that love and human desire conquer all in “A Murdered Heart.” As they battle with manipulative techniques used to control people into changing their sexuality, these handsome studs find solace in the connections and bonds they have with the others like them in the camp. While there, they navigate the agony of being condemned, but a rebellion is on the rise as they find escape through their steamy connections with each other.

On the first night at the camp, Joseph (Angel Rivera) has a nightmare about the night his father caught him and his boyfriend Alexander Savage fucking and cumming on each other’s faces in the dark.
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