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BearFilms - Bare Hunger – A Compilation
BarebackBearsDaddiesBeardHairyBig cockOralAnal
We all get horny from time to time, some of us more than others. We satisfy our lust in many ways… cruising the streets or the bars, hitting the baths, or hooking up online. Some of us even pay for it, but for others, a simple jerk-off session will do. And then there are times when that hunger comes with an itch you can barely scratch, no matter what we do. The lust continues to fuel us, making the heart beat faster. Cock won't go down. Butthole won't stop pulsating. No matter how much dick or cum you get, this hunger just won't quit. The pulse races as the poison that is desire courses through our veins and nothing, it seems, will quench that bare hunger… the need for raw cock… until we gorge ourselves on man scent, hairy men, a body so warm you'll swear you have a fever, big dick, tight hole, and copious wads of lip-smacking seed. The men in this compilation–Marc Giacomo, Russell Tyler, Angel Ferrari, Dean Gauge, Atlas Grant, John Thomas–understand that urge. They've given in to what they crave most. Now it's your turn. Give in to temptation. Give in to your Bare Hunger.
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