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Lucas Entertainment - Screwing on the Sly
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Screwing on the Sly

Length: 1 hrs. 30 mins.
Production Year: 2020
Release Date: Apr 10, 2020
Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Performers: Aaden Stark, Donato Reyes, Geordie Jackson, Jackson Radiz, Javi Velaro, Max Adonis, Max Arion, Tomas Brand


Fidelity isn’t always on the minds of the Lucas Men when they’re “Screwing on the Sly.” Max Arion and Max Adonis step out on their boyfriends to have sex with one another. But there’s plenty of deceitful lust where that came from: Max Arion later has a cheating threesome with Geordie Jackson and Jackson Radiz. And Max Adonis is unfaithful with his brother-in-law, Tomas Brand. Amidst the infidelity, Aaden Star, Donato Reyes, and Javi Velaro swap loads!

Scene 01: Max Adonis And Max Arion Screw On The Sly

While vacationing in Spain, Max Adonis and Max Arion take notice of one another. And against their better judgment, they step out on their boyfriends to be with one another. Max Adonis has been checking out the lump in Max Arion’s pants his entire time in Spain, and when he finally sees it whipped out and ready to be serviced by his mouth and ass, he forgives himself his infidelity.

Scene 02: Aaden Star Fucks Donato Reyes And Javi Velaro

The handsome, tall, and lean Aaden Stark has been known to submit his ass for a rough, raw fucking on several occasions from some of the more seasoned (and brutal) tops at Lucas Entertainment. But in this encounter Aaden is in charge and uses his uncut cock to fuck not one, but two handsome Latin men. The smoothly muscled Javi Velaro and the beefy muscular jock Donato Ryes both take turns servicing Aaden Stark.

Scene 03: Daddy-In-Law Tomas Brand Fucks Max Adonis

Now that Max Adonis has a taste for cheating on his boyfriend, he has moved on to the great white whale in his life: his older brother-in-law, though he might as well be his daddy-in-law, Tomas Brand (the King of All Muscle Daddies). Max seduces Tomas and gives his mouth and ass to the all-star daddy to pound and use as he desires!

Scene 04: Max Arion And Geordie Jackson Top Jackson Radiz

Much like his flame Max Adonis, Max Arion now finds himself addicted to cheating on his boyfriend. The rush gives him the hardest of erections, and so he hooks up with the alpha top Geordie Jackson so they can take out their sexual aggression on a submissive bottom who likes being tossed around like a used rag doll. And that submissive bottom is Jackson Radiz, who is about to get his hole slammed by two aggressive tops!
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