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Eurocreme - Leo Marco & Lyle Boyce (scene from Cottage Boy)
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Leo Marco and Lyle Boyce (scene from Eurocreme - Cottage Boy)

Running Time: 17 min 7 sec
Added: Oct 29, 2013
Studio: Eurocreme

Not knowing what to do, poor young Lyle is stuck right in the middle and tries to tell Niall what he saw, but in the end Niall interrupts and says he’s already cheated on Lucas with JP. It’s a mess in Lyle’s head and seeing his two friends as the perfect couple self-destruct, he keeps his secrets to himself and tries to bury it until they’re back home. Up all night worrying about it, he creeps down in the middle of the night to find the CottageBoy, his secret crush resting in front of a roaring fire. Sharing his thoughts, Leo can see he’s different from the rest of the boys and finally see that they are perfect for each other, at least for the moment, as Leo offers for Lyle to stay with him for a few months. Taking him up on the offer, they lean in for a kiss, and the heat off their bodies makes them never want to stop. Slowly touching each others crotches to feel growing dicks and quickening pulses, the romance is hard to miss as they fumble and fall around on the cushions with the fire getting warmer and warmer in front of them, they can’t get enough of their young bodies as they inter-twine and both get to play the top and the bottom with each other. Needing to explore their bodies inside and out, it’s a sexual encounter they will never forget, and come the morning, their story is staying in France as Lyle’s fucked up friends head back to London licking their wounds.

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