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Man Tricks (2011) Colt DVD
analoralsolosgeneral hardcorecondoms
director John Rutherford

Aaron Cage
Andreas Cavalli
Brenden Cage
Kristian Alvarez
Marko Lebeau
Mitch Branson
Nate Karlton
Vince Lambert

Come for the men... stay for the Man Tricks. Confident and secure and brimming with sexuality, a Colt man is the untamed essence of male desire. Just below that handsome and rugged demeanor are an urge so strong and a desire that runs deep. A Colt man knows what he needs, and he knows he needs to get it from another Colt man. Award-winning director John Rutherford brings you the hot and heavy hook ups... the passionate man-on-man encounters... and the hedonistic pleasures of men.

1. Aaron Cage, Andreas Cavalli

2. Kristian Alvarez, Mitch Branson

3. Amancio solo

4. Marko Lebeau solo, Vince Lambert solo

5. Nate Karlton, Brenden Cage
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