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Corbin Fisher - ACM2572 - Andrew II (720p)
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Added: February 4, 2020  |  Video Length: 16:23

Andrew’s the latest of many gamers to come through the door at CF, and certainly won’t be the last. A lot of the guys we get to film spend a fair amount of time gaming, and it ends up being a fairly fun way for all the guys to interact and hang out with one another between scenes.

The old cliche of a hardcore gamer not being much of a stud certainly doesn’t apply anymore because, like Andrew, a lot of these guys are totally sexy!

In Andrew’s case, his stud credentials are bolstered by his big dick and low-hanging balls, tight body, deep voice, and extremely handsome face.

In his introductory solo, Andrew works over that big dick and pulls on those big balls until painting his abs with a load!
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