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Raging Stallion - Sexpack Nine: Fire in the Hole
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"SexPack Nine: Fire in the Hole" is all man. The cast is made up completely of sexy men who are put together in fantastic combinations to toss off a variety of hot scenes, all with Chris Ward and J.D. Slater's knowing direction, of course.

In the first scene, cutie brunet Matt Fuller is in a sling and Michael Brandon is busy eating his ass and blowing him. Michael fits in a tongue and a few fingers with total ease, and the better part of his chin. The intensity spills off Michael, as always. The blowjob is wonderful as well, Michael deep-throating as if there's not such thing as the back of a neck. Michael then insists Matt suck his cock, and Matt, still in the sling, manages the better part of it to his own amazement. Michael unfairly tries to face-fuck him before he's really used to it, but once Michael grabs the sling and rocks Matt's face into it, Matt becomes the hero of the scene, swallowing every last inch without so much as a gag. Michael finally gives the scene what it wants, and he fucks Matt, helpless in the sling. Michael is up to all of his usual tricks, starting off slowly but in total control. Matt's ass spreads for Michael and as Michael gets harsher and falls into a terrorizing frenzied speed, Matt doesn't so much as whimper. It's a great fuck from both guys and Michael cums at the end of it, not too tired to blow Matt into cumming next.

It's inspired pairing to put dark swarthy Enrico Vega together with blond god Sky Donovan. Enrico fits Sky's cockhead into his own uncut dick and then Sky gets to blow Enrico. As expected, Sky conquers another of porn's most infamous cocks, this one as thick as it is long. Sky has a grand time, using lots of hot tricks to dazzle his partner, but Enrico doesn't make it easy for him. Instead, he swings his dick around like a heavy puppet and teases Sky over and over until he wants it so bad he manages to gorge himself even more. Sky then climbs on a ladder and has Enrico blow him. Enrico is so dedicated here, he can fit not only the whole cock in his mouth, but the balls as well! It's a hot oral performance, equaled in its success by a rimjob that follows. Though the camera is Sky's best friend, dancing around his shining skin from all angles, it's the work Enrico is doing that wins the kudos. After the long rim, Enrico thrusts his cock into Sky's butt with one motion and treats Sky to a real fuck. He grabs Sky's feet, knocking him out of any control, and just slams into him. Completely tireless, as if he hasn't already given the performance of his life, Enrico doesn't let up his momentum for a second. As for Sky, he's open and willing for everything he gets, an ace bottom who makes fucking look like the most natural thing in the world. Enrico's cum-shot reaches all the way up Sky's body, a physical reminder of all the hard work he put into this scene.

Michael Brandon is back for the third scene, this time macking with Aaron Tanner. Aaron, squeezed into a yellow latex half shirt, looks better than ever here, more muscular than usual with abs of steel and a sexy goatee. The short scene rattles into action with Michael going right for the fuck, his dick given a beacon by the piercing at the entranceway to Aaron's butt. Again, Michael need waste no time in pleasantries, for this is another ass raring to go. Michael adopts a hip-gyrating movement here different from his style in the first scene, one that works well with Aaron's muscular butt. Michael Brandon's dick, as unbelievably huge as it is, seems to think it has the right to fit completely in any ass, and Aaron isn't going to be the one to tell it otherwise. Instead, Aaron allows him access to the pubes and Michael thanks him by fucking the stuffing out of him in a few positions. Michael has a big shot that gets Aaron nice and dirty, and then Aaron has a real spinner right onto his stomach.

The final scene is all about testosterone. When it starts, noted male sexbombs Rik Jammer, bald and achingly hot, and Jeff Allen, hairy and hunky to the hilt, are tied up and flogged. None of that light whipping, they are each pummeled by a whip, reddened and welted to freaky color and size. Rik is a screamer so intense that I'm sure the neighbors wondered what kind of South American prison had invaded their neighborhood. Once the two are appropriately taken care of, ever-sexy Robert Black, armbands showing how big his arms are, enters the action. He brings the pleasure after the pain, kissing the two men and then the boys, with their hands tied behind their backs, blow Robert. It's not a sharing thing, but a greedy pull for dominance, with Robert the lucky recipient. After a lusty three-way kiss, Robert gets all the fucking chores. As Rik and Jeff snarl and rage throughout the rest of the scene, it's quiet unassuming Robert who will steal it. Robert's first lucky victim is Rik. He takes him on his side and then doggy-style. Robert works up some great steam and then he and Rik literally wrestle Jeff to the floor. Rik sits on his face to get an angry not-fair rim from Jeff while Robert takes over his butt. Jeff is an animal tamed by not only the fuck, but by the big drools of spit Rik drops into his mouth so sexily. Rik then teases Jeff by kissing Robert inches away from Jeff, so he doesn't forget to return to Jeff now and then to calm him down. The fucking takes on a very interesting spin when Jeff literally picks up Rik, deposits him on Robert's cock and forces the ride. Very hot. With energy and nastiness that's off the charts. Jeff and Rik switch places again, Jeff's Prince Albert swinging in time to the pound he's inflicting on himself. Rik is then places on his head for Robert, backwards, to sink a fuck into him. This is especially interesting considering Robert's cock curves the opposite way, so Rik must be in heaven. Jeff and Rick cum on Robert's chest and then each man holds one of Robert's legs, bend him upside down until he cums right into his own mouth.
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