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William Higgins - Vova Volodyk - MASSAGE
SoloMasturbationJerked OffHelping HandsFingeringMuscleHairy
Released 12 January 2020

Vova Volodyk is a very hot guy who is due for a massage. He looks so good as he strips down to his underwear, showing off his well defined body. Then he lays on the bed, face down. The masseur arrives and gets to work massaging Vova's back and shoulders. The expert hands work on Vova's shoulders and onto his neck as well. The expert hands rub all over the shoulders and the fingers work the neck. The Vova's arms are bent onto his back, in turn, so the shoulder blades canbe worked too. Next the hands massage the back moving downwards towards Vova's ass. The hands press hard into Vova's back and slip into the underwear too. The underwear is lowered, showing the beautiful curves of Vova's sexy ass. The hands massage the ass cheeks. The creamed hands rub over the sexy ass, squeezing the cheeks. The underwear is removed completely and the hands move onto Vova's thighs too. Then his feet have cream dripped onto them and massaged in. Each foot is done in turn before the ass gets more attention. With his legs separated Vova's cock and balls are visible, pulled back, as the ass is rubbed all over. The hands spread the ass cheeks to expose the hairy hole. Cream is dripped onto the cock and balls and a hand rubs over them. That cock looks stiff as the hand takes hold of it and gently wanks. The ass is spread again to see the hairy crack. More cream is used, dripping onto the sexy ass and the hands rub all over. Vova moves onto his knees, exposing his hairy hold as the hands run all over the ass. His stiff dick is wanked as his balls are rubbed. The stiff cock is pulled back and wanked. As the cock is wanked hard a finger probes Vova's tight hole. The finger pushes into his hole and stays there as the dick is wanked. Then the finger is removed and more cream is applied to his sexy ass and rubbed over the hole. That big cock is rock hard as it is wanked hard while a finger pushes into the hole again. As the finger works deeper into the hole Vova's cock releases the creamy cum onto the bed below. As the cock is milked the finger gently fucks the tight hole. Then Vova turns over and lays on his back tp have his hairy chest as well.
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