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Treasure Island Media - Ready To Unload (full edition)
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The Treasure Island crew takes a field trip to Palm Springs with SILVER STEELE and JD DANIELS and film a lot of horny men who are READY TO UNLOAD.


SILVER STEELE hosts a 8-man birthday orgy – and he’s no fool – takes most of the cum from BRIAN BONDS, DINO, CHRISTIAN MITCHELL, DEREK NORTH, BRODIE RAMIREZ and T WILLCOX.

Scene 1 - Jack Hammer & Dayton O' Connor

DAYTON O’CONNOR is a bottom killer. He will fuck your hole raw with his perfect missile cock and you will love ever second. We said “JACK HAMMER” - but all DAYTON heard was “hammer jack!” Right out the gate, DAYTON pile drives his dick into JACK’s face so hard Jack gets a nosebleed.
Not about to let a little bodily harm come between his holes and dick, JACK jumps back into action. From full on ass-to-mouth, to popper fuelled pogo cock ride, JACK gives it up and DAYTON takes control.
DAYTON choke-fucks JACK into submission before mounting his ass - hate fucking load into his guts with this no mercy drill fuck.

Scene 2 - Silver Steele & JD Daniels

SILVER STEELE sucks sloppy schlongs swinging in his face! Try saying that five times fast. But it's true, JD DANIELS slaps SILVER in the face with his massive BBC meat and sodomizes his hungry face cunt.
Seeing SILVER's ass in the air, JD is ready to pop that bubble. He slowly slides himself in inch-by-inch, pacing up his thrusts to full speed and breaking Silver in half.
SILVER’s hole takes a constant cock beating – JD not letting up until he digs himself deep enough into SILVER’s guts to unload so far that he knows his load won’t be wasted.

Scene 3 - Jay Brix & Noah Paris

There’s just something about a filthy municipal fuck under fluorescent lights that really shows what matters. It’s not a deeply developed emotional bond or even knowing his name. It’s all about the loads. NOAH PARIS and jock JAY BRIX seem to agree as they fuck in a public stairwell.
JAY drops to his knees, swallowing NOAH’s dick in a single gulp. Having wrapped his throat around the length of that big butt busting cock, JAY looks up and says, ”I want your dick in my ass.”
Bending over the dirty floor like a cheap whore, JAY gets ready to take what he came for. NOAH lines up his engorged head with his tight pink target and teases his way inside. JAY’s hole is stretched and filled over and over as Noah thrust fucks his way in and out of that very hungry cum hole.
When asked what he likes most about cock, JAY quickly answered, “It gives me loads.”

Scene 4 - Daddy Cream & Giovanni Summers

We ain’t gonna lie. DADDY CREAM and GIOVANNI SUMMERS have fucked on camera for us before (coming soon in the new Paul Morris movie out in September). They loved it so much they asked for a Round 2 and with the kind of chemistry they have, we couldn’t say no.
DADDY CREAM starts to melt when GIOVANNI SUMMERS starts sucking down his fat cock. Dripping with anticipation DADDY gets his boy’s hole up and ready to take his meat with a single plunge.
DADDY takes GIOVANNI for a rough raw ride! With sweet boy butt bouncing on his dick, DADDY can’t hold back, warns he’s gonna bust and leaves gobs of cum planted deep in GIOVANNI’s fuzzy little fuckhole.
Yeah, Daddy.

Scene 5 - Silver Steele Orgy

The grand slam of Ready to Unload is this 45 minute 8-man orgy slash SILVER STEELE gangbang that culminates in a massive amount of frozen DOG CUM funneled into SILVER’s hole.
Things start off with everyone sucking and SILVER getting some hole help from DINO. JD DANIELS slams into DINO’s ass setting the temperature for the orgiastic storm that follows! The men get acquainted teasing themselves with anticipation and getting a taste of what’s to cum.
SILVER STEELE gives DINO his first fuck from a PA’d cock. Hurts so good doesn’t it? DEREK NORTH shows us what a sloppy deep BJ should look like before he and BRIAN BONDS take turns slipping their dicks into SILVER’s hole.
Serious sodomy ensues and the whole lot of these sperm-swapping sluts go hog wild on each other’s pig holes. SILVER is positioned on the bed and each man steps up to breed his hole. There is some major double dick fucking as the guy’s stretch that ass to the limit and take turns filling it with jizz.
Fully loaded with fresh sperm, SILVER then presents his hole for the CUM SLUSHIE. A frozen treat that goes way beyond the “Devil’s Dick” - saved by the men of Treasure Island especially for the occasion. The jar of “Dog Cum” is slowly melted into STEELE’s ass and once 75% is in – the guys take turns fucking and adding more hot cum to his ass and then finish it off with the final frozen cum cube before breeding him again.
The rivers of cum are definitely leaking, squirting and flowing.

Scene 6 - Bonus - Silver Steele & Scotty Rage
SILVER STEELE finishes off his trip to Palm Springs by taking SCOTTY RAGE’s cock outdoors at a gay resort. The guys suck each other’s dicks before SILVER begs SCOTTY to breed him and then finishes things off by feeding his own load to the hungry Daddy bear.
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