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COLT - Waterbucks 1
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A COLT man, a warm day and cold water - what could be better? We brought all three together for a hot compilation of water-themed COLT films entitled "WATERBUCKS"
"WATERBUCKS" features Mark Bradshaw from "Sunbeam", Mark Gamble from "Hard Rider", Bruce Emory from "Iron Man", Joey Arena from "Accident Prone", Steve Kelso from "Intimate Hours", Jake Tanner from "Macho Mountain", and both Bruce Craig and Ralph Whitaker from the "The Senses Taker"

1. Sunbeam: Mark Bradshaw
Bronze god MARK BRADSHAW heads back from the beach anxious to get out of his wet suit. Climbing the steps to his beach house hideaway, our hot, horny star spots a muscle bound mechanic finishing a tune-up in a drive way down hill. Checking it out through the lens of his powerful telescope. MARK sees more than he bargained for - soon his own tool is telescoping as well!

2. Hard Rider: Mark Gamble
Weekend cyclist MARK GAMBLE pumps up quite a sweat working his 10-speed to its limits: arriving back at his pad after a heavy run, he hangs loose around the pool stripping down to wet sheer trunks, boogies with his Walkman then slips upstairs for some spread legged private leisure and a whacking good time.

3. Iron Man: Bruce Emory
Nothing like a 90 degree day to make a welder swelter and when big BRUCE EMORY heats up he gets horny: a cold shower, wearing cutoffs fails to cool his uncut hot rod: why fight it? He gives himself over to fun in the sun where all his muscles come into full play: lying naked he explores and fondles muscles so massive, skin so perfect anybody’s cock would go off!

4. Homecoming: Mario Garza
We should all be so lucky! Back from a trip, hunky MARIO GARZA discovers his Jacuzzi has been set up for fun-and-games by that special someone in his life. But some people can’t wait and as soon as the champagne is popped, MARIO decides to uncork a few other things in a steamy session that explodes across his firm, tanned body.

5. Intimate Hours: Steve Kelso

6. Macho Mountain: Jake Tanner
After a hard sweaty, workout near Lake Tahoe, JAKE TANNER’S aching muscles are ready for relief. With no one around to oblige, this beefy super stud decides to give himself a rubdown. Instead of cooling off in the showers, things heat up as Tanner's awesome arms pump the one muscle he’d overlooked. By the time he shoots his unbelievable load, you’ll be grabbing for some handiwipes yourself!

7. The Senses Taker: Bruce Craig, Ralph Whitaker
Bruce Craig invites the census-taker inside to join the pool party. Ralph Whitaker finds it hard to keep his mind on business with the naked men around. Once he exposes his credential, it's evident that the party isn't over.

When BRUCE CRAIG leaves his party by the pool to answer the door, he has no idea a tall, dark, stranger is about to make his day. RALPH WHITAKER works for the government but finds it hard to keep his mind on taking the census with so many naked men around. Once he exposes his credentials however, it's evident the party isn't over. Not by a long shot!
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