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Cadinot / French Art - Cadinot Classics 3 DVD
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Cast:  Alexandre Del Faro, Arnaud Monastier, Borys Brunof, Franck Emmanuel, Frederic Christopher, Frederic LeMaire, Guy Bourgeois, Laurent Girard, Mike Lee, Philippe Amar, Pierre Buisson, Samson Carry, Terry Lange

Sacré Collège (58 minutes)
"Easter 1952. A provincial boarding house, inhabited by six students stuck there for various reasons. Cadinot deals with a particularly exciting subject which is dear to him. From the refectory to the bathing area through the kitchen, infirmary, sinks and the dormitories during siesta, Cadinot's camera, light as a breeze, rolls up its shorts and shows us the universe of particular student bonding that we all know and love... or wish we did! Candor, tenderness and perversity trouble the adults around them: the gardener, the chef, the nurse and, perhaps as well, the Master. Do you dream of living in a world of young students? Treat yourself to this film without risk of corruption!"

Charmants Cousins aka Becoming Men (53 minutes)
"Missing one's train can have unexpected consequences. Ordering a hot chocolate can make things worse! Alexander finds himself in the underground of a bar where the waiter serves his plat du jour very quickly, nice and hot. It's just what he's been waiting for, and Alex is very satisfied with the service (three courses). He gets back to his house and recounts his tale of the tobacconist to Franck, his elder brother. The elder of the two then tells his story of holidays on the farm with his cousins. Charming cousins. The loft, the stables and the barn are the settings for hot encounters with Pierre and Diégo, and a game of strip-poker that ends with an incredible demonstration of self-service by Philippe. What a family! Impressed by these stories, little Alex wants to come to the aid of his big brother who's overcome by the memory. And what a fuck it is! Yes, really. What a family."

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