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GrowlBoys LOST BOYS - Chapter 6: H.A.R.P.E
Brody woke up suddenly, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as the midday sun crept into his bedroom window. He looked at the clock feeling groggy and out of sorts. He tried to read the digits on the display, but his eyes had trouble focusing. He struggled to get clarity, squinting to make the red LEDs become legible. After a moment, his eyes locked on them. 2:14pm…

“Fuck!” he said out loud. He couldn’t believe how late it was. What happened?

He saw a trail of clothes from his bedroom door to the bed. He didn’t remember leaving them there or even what time he would have gone to sleep. He tried to recall the previous evening, but it was hard for him to think straight. His head seemed full of cotton, unable to make sense of his surroundings.

He walked by the tall, standing mirror in his room and jumped. Suddenly, his vision had intense focus, almost tunnel vision as he saw his reflection looking back. He didn’t recognize himself at first; seeing a man with his face in the glass, but only now sporting a full, blonde beard...

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