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William Higgins - Str8Hell - Simon Paldov - HOT ASS
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Released 28 January 2020

Simon Paldov looks very good as he lays on the bed wearing just a jockstrap. He has a helping hand with him who is feeling all over that sexy body. The hands feel Simon's chest and grope his underwear. Before too long the underwear is lifted to let the cock poke out of the waistband . Oil is dripped onto that cock and fingers rub it all over. Simon's balls are released too as the oily cock is stroked. The jockstrap is removed, freeing cock and balls completely. That cock is wanked as he begins to stiffen. One hand wanks on the fat cock as the other feels over Simon's chest, giving a few slaps too. That cock is wanked for a while and then Simon's legs are raised into the air to expose his hot ass hole. The cock is wanked more as the hot hole is rubbed and slapped. Then a finger slips into the tight hole and starts to fuck. That finger goes deep inside the hot hole, pulling out and shoving back in again, as it fucks. The ass cheeks are spread to show the hole perfectly and more oil is applied. The ass cheeks are given a few spankes and then two fingers push into the tight hile. They work in, going deeper and deeper until they are all the way in. Simon takes the fingers so well as they stretch his hot hole. Then the fingers are removed and the ass cheeks are spread to show the open hole. A nice fat dildo is then presented, rubbing over the hole and slapping it before pushing inside. It slips into the hot ass hole and starts to fuck hard. Then the dildo is removed so the hole can be examined as the ass is spread. That hole needs more, so the dildo is shoved back in to fuck again. Then it is removed and Simon turns over, onto his knees. The sexy ass gets more spanking and the hole is fully exposed as a larger dildo appears. Simon wanks his cock back through his legs as the dildo pushes into his ass hole. It stretches that hole wide as it fucks deep inside. The dildo works the ass hole so well, pulling out and sliding back in again. It is fucked hard into Simon's hole as he wanks his cock. A much longer dildo is then used to fuck that ass hole hard and fast. Simon turns over, onto his back and wanks himself as a dildo pounds his ass hole. He keeps wanking and taking the dildo in his ass until his cock releases the hot cum.
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