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Good Hot Stuff (1983) Colt Buckshot
Frank Vickers
Glen Steers
Joe Porcelli
Joe Reeves
Lance (80s)
Mark Hill (80s)
Noel Kemp (Eric Stryker)

Three unrelated scenes with no dialog

1. Hayfever
Frank Vickers, Glen Steers
A farm worker finds a muscular guy sleeping in his barn so they have sex. Why not?

2. Not Just Friends
Noel Kemp, Joe Porcelli
Old friends Noel Kemp and Joe Porcelli decide they want to get to know each other more intimately than they did before.

3. Good Times Keep on Coming
Lance (80s), Joe Reeves, Mark Hill (80s)
Bragging about sex, Joe Reeves, Lance and Mark Hill put on a real show. Everybody samples everybody's dick and Joe and Mark fuck each other. Originally planned as a sequal to Good Times Coming, this was the last short shot by Malibu Studios before it got out of the business.
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