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Corbin Fisher - ACM2588 - Kyler Plows Patrick
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Added: March 25, 2020  |  Video Length: 18:11

I have to admit, when we all first met Kyler I didn’t suspect at all he’d be such a studly and stellar top. But as a number of his fellow CF studs can testify, he is precisely that! He’s certainly got the equipment for it, and he’s plowed several of the guys long, deep, and hard and impressed them thoroughly with his top skills.

See, Kyler isn’t just cute with a big dick. He knows how to use that dick! And not only can he pump and thrust like a champ, but he can get dominant, passionate, playful, intimate, and more. He’s got a whole host of tricks up his sleeve! Even CF veteran Travis remarked Kyler may very well be the best kisser he’s ever had a scene with, and that’s quite the endorsement!

Patrick finds himself on the receiving end of one of Kyler’s masterful fucks here, and you won’t have a difficult time at all seeing just how much Patrick is enjoying that!
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