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Walk on Water (2005)
Walk on Water (2005  Hebrew  Israel)

Directed by acclaimed gay director Eytan Fox, a poignant story between two men overcoming the baggage of the past, overcoming prejudice (e.g. homophobia, national sterotype).  Rich in humanity, history, terrific acting, deservedly cited for many film awards.

He Was Trained to Hate Until He Met the Enemy...

Written and directed by internationally acclaimed couple Gal Uchovsky and Eytan Fox and starring beautiful man Lior Ashkenazi, Walk On Water is a wonderfully complex, multi-layered drama dealing with everything from cultural identity to sexuality in an intelligent and absorbing way.

Walk on Water grapples with racial prejudice and homophobia without once seeming preachy; surprisingly, the spy storyline introduces these issues naturally, as Eyal's hostility towards Arabs and his blithe view of Nazi war criminals are central to his character. Eyal faces the crumbling foundation of his passive homophobia as he finds himself in an evolving, complex and intimate relationship with gay Axel.

Walk on Water reprises the themes of homosexuality and Israeli nationalism explored in director Eytan Fox’s earlier film, Yossi and Jagger. Eyal’s hostile nationalist beliefs set him against both Palestine and Germany, represented by Rafik and Axel. That they are two charismatic and fun loving gay men and Eyal is initially homophobic towards Axel reveals the film’s critique of such simplistic political nationalism. Axel, identified with Jesus, guides Eyal to emotional salvation from this hard hostility. This metaphorical journey is mirrored in physical travels, emphasised in the driving scenes where Eyal and Axel bond over music. Eyal’s emotional enlightenment is inversely paralleled in his move from the light and space of Israel to the rainy grey concrete of Berlin...

With English subtitles.
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