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Tropical Night / 열대야 (2017)
GayRomanceComing of AgeSouth KoreaAsia
Min Ki's brother, Min Hoon, kills himself while on military vacation. Min Ki goes to Thailand to look for Jae Hee, his brother's boyfriend. Jae Hee is living in Pattaya with Tae Kyung. Min Ki slowly lets go of the suspicion that Min Hoon's death is because of Jae Hee. However, everytime Min Ki and Jae Hee gets close, Tae Kyung suffers.

Country: South KoreaThailand
Language: Korean
srt: English, Chinese, Thai
Director: Kim Hun
Cast: Park Hyun-soo, KhanLee Geun-joo, Choi Hong-joon
Awards: Seoul Pride Film Festival 2017
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