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Shiba San and Meow Chan / 柴哥與喵弟 (2018)
Shiba San and Meow Chan, a hit children's show in which the two brothers act a dog and a cat respectively, has been sweeping through kids and thus bringing fame to the two. Though radiant on stage, they both have something on their minds. Shiba san has been secretly in love with a married man, while Meow chan miss his remarried mother and it confused him when she abandoned him. An journey later on will lead the two strays to confront their emptiness inside.

Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
srt: English, Chinese, Thai
Director: Chiang Chung-Chieh
Cast: Liu Kuan-Ting, Wu Chih-Hsuan, Lin Wei-Yi, Chiu I-Ho
Awards: 2019 Nasu Short Film Festival, 2019 InDPanda International Film Festival, 2019 Taiwan International Queer Film Festival, 2018 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival
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