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Man and Boy (2010 / English / UK) [MP4 1024x576 - no logo]
DramaGay ThemeShort
A father takes justice into his own hands when he thinks his son has been sexually assaulted. A suspected paedophile lies dead outside a block of high-rise council flats. Did he jump or was he pushed, roles are reversed as the hunter becomes the hunted.


A man (Eddie Marsan) invites a boy into his flat and offers to take pictures of him. To most this would seem suspicious in the extreme, to the few it is an innocent offer of friendship. Which way do you see it?

The short film included in the DVD "Boys On Film 8 – Cruel Britannia".

Directors: David Leon, Marcus McSweeney

Studio: Motion Picture House

Cast: Eddie Marsan, Geoff Bell, Calum MacNab, Eddie Webber

Country: UK


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