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The Full English - Liam - Morning Glory
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Not sure what Liam's mum made of us arriving with camera equipment to greet her slumbering son as she was leaving for work this past Wednesday morning but with a slightly puzzled face she kindly directed us up to her boy's room, leaving us to catch the fair-skinned blond youth sleepy and stiff after another late night out on the tiles.

After the slightly nervous studio shoot it was fun to see Liam at his most relaxed and to film a revealing conversation – amongst other things. He tells us a bit about his pulling techniques, including the best days of the week to score: on student nights – as the girls have accommodation in which to entertain the boys.

We had hoped to shoot an interview in Liam's leafy family garden but an intense burst of April showers (the wettest day this year so far) kept us indoors for the whole morning and so we stay warm and dry in Liam's bed for some pyjama games. Having just reached his sexual maturity this fit 20-year-old tells us about a particularly gory recent conquest. Thankfully Liam is always happy to spills the beans for our readers.
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