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BoundGods - Slave Boy Initiation - Christian Wilde & Dakota Wolfe (35554)
Slave Boy Initiation

Dakota Wolfe waits on all fours as dom of the house Christian Wilde approaches with crop in hand. He beats the boy till his milky skin turns nice and red before shoving Dakota's face in his crotch. After swallowing his master's cock, the boy is bent over backwards as Mr Wilde takes out his flogger. He flogs Dakota's hard cock as it points straight to the sky before turning him over and flogging his backside. Electrodes attach down Dakota's thighs as an electric butt plug slides into his hole. The bound sex slave bites down on his bit gag as electricity surges through his hole. Finally, Dakota's hole is stretched open for his master's cock as Christian pounds his hole and rewards the boy with a face full of cum.

Performers: Christian Wilde and Dakota Wolfe

Length: 51 minutes

Rel. July 3  (35554)

Original upload: 05/07/2014 - matthewmancs
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