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Titan Men - Eye Contact- Christopher Saint & Tony Buff
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Businessman Tony Buff has a hard time managing his big packages. But thanks to the kindness of passerby Christopher Saint, he gets them into his building—where the lingering stranger sets his sights on more friendly service. All it takes is one flash of Christopher’s smile for Tony to move in for a kiss, their 5 o’clock shadows grazing each other. Christopher’s shirt comes off to reveal a stunning body that Tony rubs before pulling out his bud’s uncut cock. Christopher drops to his knees to help with another big package, his neck veins bulging as he gags while deepthroating Tony. The two switch positions and Tony feasts on Christopher’s foreskin before getting gagged himself in a forceful face fuck that has him gasping for air. After 69ing, the two shoot their first round of loads before Christopher offers his hairy ass. Tony eats out the bottom and fucks him from behind, but the scene’s hottest shot follows: Christopher sits down on Tony’s cock and rides like a champion, his beautiful body captured in full as his own boner frantically bobs around. He then gets on his back for more, the two working up a sweat before squirting again.
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