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Military Classified - Grady 5
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Hey guys so I had GRADY back in the mix and this little straight stud muffin is making quite a splash on the website. At 21 and in the Air Force, he doesn't really like to talk much about work and keep silent on that topic but today I've given him something to think about as I propose putting him on his back and lifting those legs over his head while I munch on that hole till he blows! That's exactly what happened.
Today was a little different kind of shoot. I was doing my photo shoot during the actual scene to save some time so today when I was taking Grady's photo I asked him to put his legs over his head and let me take a photo of his ass, which he did, and which I did. I asked him if he ever had any one rim his ass and he said once and that he liked it. I began to realize that maybe Grady has a little anal stimulation fetish...stimulation not penetration! It's a straight guy thing! lol.
Today's scene was going to include some rimming and Grady was only too happy to accommodate so as soon as the cameras started rolling I wasted no time sucking his cock. In fact, I didn't even get his clothes off before I was knawing on his cock through his pants. The clothes came off except the shirt next and this is when I asked him to put his legs over his head to expose that beautiful hole of his.
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