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Mens Room Bakersfield Station (2004) Titan pack
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7 scenes, 1080p, with Titan logo

director Joe Gage

Abram Rodriguez
Alex Leon
Andrew Rubio
Andy Dill
Danny Vox
Joey Russo
Kent Larson
Lex Kyler
Marc Sterling
Matt Majors
Nick Capra
Randy Manroot
Tommy DeLuca

Enter Titan's Men's Room for a quickie and get sucked into a massive 3 hour onslaught of sleazy, cum and piss spewing, non-stop action. This first collaboration between legendary director Joe Gage and Titan Media couples Titan quality men and Titan quality tech with the famed gut level Gage ethos. Daring in both its wet ‘n wild sexual content and its unrushed, filmic style, Men's Room is a unique porn experience that only Joe Gage and Titan could bring you.

When Danny Vox returns to his hometown of Bakersfield, California, he steps off the bus and checks out the t-room, where incredibly hung Matt Majors and sensationally buff ‘n burnished Kent Larson lead him into a sprawling chain of sloppy, sweaty sex with 10 heavy hung Titan stunners - smooth boys, rough muscle studs and hairy-chested daddies. After a smoldering cruise, a jack-off showdown, a side-by-side ass creaming with a buddy on the boot black stand, a mouth-filling piss baptism, and an unbelievable ass-stretching double fuck, Danny's a cum-bucket for his buddies. Can you take this kinda man-sized sexuality in such a man-sized dose? Do like Danny. Enter the Men's Room. You'll never wanna leave.

1 Abram Rodriguez, Danny Vox, Kent Larson & Matt Majors.mp4

2 Abram Rodriguez, Danny Vox, Joey Russo, Kent Larson & Matt Majors.mp4

3 Alex Leon, Andy Dill, Andrew Rubio, Danny Vox & Randy Manroot.mp4

4 Group sex in the Mens room.mp4

5 Orgy in the Mens Room.mp4

Mens Room Bonus Sex Scenes.mp4

Mens Room Cumshots.mp4
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