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Corbin Fisher - Fucking Colby w Dawson
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Well, I think it would be an understatement to call this a highly anticipated video! With his youthful, cute face and his tight body, Colby was an instant hit when he first appeared on the site. Further, he's been a regular subject of, "Get him with a guy!" e-mails from members since then! Well, he's finally here and with a guy now!

This one was a special enough video that we had to do things differently with it! While it took so long to get Colby to agree to try guy/guy, he did agree that he'd be up for bottoming or topping. So, what better way to have a guy really make a splash their first time by bottoming?! Colby gets right in to it, kissing and feeling up another guy for the first time and then going so far as to feel a hard, stiff dick pumping his hole.

Oh... and he looks hot as hell while doing it all, and it all turned him on tremendously!

Just watch the expression on Colby's face at the start, here. Sure, he's understandably nervous. Soon, however, he is overcome by this intense look, wide-eyed and mouth hanging open as he gets caught up in everything that's going on. His hands can't help but want to find out just how another guy's hard, muscled body feels, and he can't help but smile and gasp as he finds out what it feels like to get his toes sucked for the very first time!

When he first feels another guy sucking that dick of his, he's hard instantly and breathing deep, writhing around the bed as his cock gets worked over. He doesn't just lay back and let things happen to him, but even wraps his own arms around another man's body as he kisses. When he sucks dick and feels a hard cock in his mouth for the first time ever, he tries as hard as he can to swallow as much of it as possibly while also eagerly stroking it with one hand and playing with a guy's balls with the other.

We knew Colby had the potential for some real intensity and passion when we first met him and saw just how in to it he got as he jerked off for us. But even this all caught me off guard! He'd held out from trying guy/guy action for so long, and yet here I was filming him not just give it a shot but totally let go and get entirely wrapped up in it! He is a prime example of a guy comfortable enough with himself that, as he starts to feel some intense sexual pleasure, he has no problem at all fully embracing it and having as much fun as possible with it!

And we hadn't even gotten to the point where he gets fucked!

That happens in the second part of this video, after he finds out what it feels like to have someone rim and tongue your ass, as well as first gets a finger sliding in to him and piercing his hole.

Seeing Colby get fucked and taking a hard dick in his ass is just too hot to describe. His whole body is dripping in sweat, that hot face of his totally covered in an intense expression. Those twitches and gasps as a dick first slides in to him are so real, and the way he looks up at his partner is priceless. What's more, seeing that dick of his just get harder and harder and then seeing him fire off a massive load as his hole gets drilled simply could not be any hotter. There's no doubt Colby enjoyed how it felt, and he made no attempt at all to hide that! He gets fucked deep and hard, long and slow, fast and steady in position after position, and looks great throughout it all! It was, indeed, worth the wait!
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