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Raging Stallion - Grunts: Misconduct
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Army life is rough and extremely demanding. Sergeants bark orders and expect them to be followed to the letter. As the GRUNTS are trained to be soldiers, down time becomes more and more important. Camaraderie comes into full play on the battlefield and is reinforced in the few minutes of rest and relaxation provided during training. The third installment in this trilogy follows the men through more training, more barking of orders, and stays with them during their time off. What happens when the sergeants aren't around? How do the men in charge let off steam?

1. Ricky Sinz, Dominic Pacifico

Late at night Dominic Pacifico is relegated to washing a filthy jeep. Sergeant Ricky Sinz walks up behind him and demands an impromptu inspection. Dominic obliges by lowering his fatigues and giving Ricky a full access pass to his ass. Ricky starts with a few quick licks and moves in for the kill. Dominic spreads his cheeks while Ricky pummels his insides. As we've seen in previous episodes of GRUNTS, Ricky is an aggressive fucker! Dominic loves it. Dominic's big, floppy hard-on bounces up and down as Ricky penetrates him from behind. The jeep is a perfect place for a good round of multiple position fucking. Ricky lays back and lets Dominic sit on his fat cock, riding it like a horse. But these two aren't even close to done. Dominic then takes Ricky's hot rod doggy-style, his head nearly hitting the steering wheel with every thrust. Dominic then lies on his back and pulls his legs almost behind his head to give Ricky full access to his hole. Ricky bangs away until he pulls out and blows his load, followed by Dominic who pulls his cock towards his mouth and receives a face full of his own cum.

2. Brodie Sinclair, Luke Hass, Max Schutler

The next morning the sergeants drive the jeep onto base and it is armed by Roman Ragazzi with a huge.40 millimeter gun. After a humiliating, pointless exercise consisting of moving sandbags from one place to another, Steve Cruz misspeaks and is thrown into a pool of water. The afternoon is filled with training in the pool. Soldiers are forced to swim the length of the pool while Jake Deckard and Roman hold their legs. After hours of water training, the sergeants decide to give the men a well-deserved afternoon off.

As soldiers relax in the rec hall, the games soon turn sexual. Brodie Sinclair brags about a past sexual conquest and excites Max Schutler. Max takes the opportunity to get a taste of Brodie. Brodie whips out his dick for some oral attention and then bends over to get his ass eaten. Max offers up his ass as the next target and Brodie hits a bullseye. Brodie fucks Max, pushing his fat dick deep into him while he moans and strokes his own cock. When Luke Hass walks up he sees the two going at it and joins in the fun. Brodie shoots a load all over Max and then gives Luke a chance to fuck Max. Max takes Luke's massive cock with ease after the nice warm-up with Brodie. Brodie sticks around to watch and blow another load before disappearing into the night to allow Max and Luke a good fuck session. Luke lays back and allows Max to do all the work, squatting up and down on Luke's big dick. Max shows off his skill as he bounces up and down all 10 inches of Luke's beautiful dick. When Max lays on his back for a final round of dick, Luke fucks him until he blows his load on Max's worn out ass. Max cums second, covering his abs in cum.

3. Aaron Summers, Jay Mack

Jay Mack is matched up with Aaron Summers for a quick game of pool, which leads quickly to dick sucking and fucking. Jay is a tight-bodied black man with a nice fat cock and an eager mouth. He pulls out Aaron's big cock and swallows the whole thing. Jay pays close oral attention to Aaron's cock until Aaron takes his turn. Jay's dick is just as big and Aaron takes it down his throat like a pro. When Jay offers up his ass Aaron slams his dick in and fucks him hard on the couch. Jay bends over and opens his ass for Aaron to plunder. Jay moans, almost screaming, as the huge tool pushes his ass apart and penetrates him. When Jay lays back on the couch and pushes his ass up for more, Aaron obliges and pounds his big dick into the excited hole. Aaron pulls out and shoots a huge load all over the young soldier's back and Jay imitates by releasing a large load of his own.

4. Luke Hass, Rafael Alencar, Dominic Pacifico

In the evening the soldiers play cards and drink beer, recovering from the day. As the soldiers relax, Victor Steele reveals a DVD with quite a special piece of porn. As the soldiers gather round to watch a woman take a big dick all hell breaks loose. Brodie's face is seen and the crowd goes wild. As the noise level rises and the sex scene intensifies, Sergeant “Hole†and Ricky bust up the small riot. Brodie is forced up against the screen to lick his own balls and receive a barrage of abuse from the sergeants.

After the soldiers disperse to their barracks, three men stay behind to play a game of strip poker. As Rafael Alencar and Luke Hass undress, Dominic Pacifico becomes the willing bottom. Dominic services both huge dicks on his knees. Both Luke and Rafael have massive cocks and Dominic takes turns on each one. He tries to take both at once but the dicks are too big. Dominic sucks off Luke while Rafael fucks him from behind. As Rafael shoves that huge tool deep into his ass, Dominic chokes on the dick that is in his throat. After a long round of fucking, Luke wants his turn to fuck Dominic so Luke and Rafael switch. But Dominic does not get off any easier--both huge rods are demanding attention, one from his ass and one from his mouth. Dominic climbs up onto the table and lies on his back, offering the men another chance at his pink hole. Rafael and Luke take turns fucking Dominic in tag team style. One after the other, the huge dicks disappear into Dominic's asshole. After a long fuck session, both Luke and Rafael blow their loads onto Dominic as he shoots his cum.

5. Luke Hasst, Roman Ragazzi

Later in the night, Luke is found sleeping in the storage tent. Roman Ragazzi enters the scene and demands an explanation. "Sergeant Hole hates me," says Luke. "He calls me a cocksucker." Roman picks up on this title and forces Luke down on his dick. Roman, now out of his clothes, reveals his own predilection for dick. Roman worships Luke's huge cock with his tongue, giving the soldier pleasure instead of punishment. Roman then offers up his ass as reward and Luke's huge boner is anxious to fuck. Luke pushes his dick into the hairy hole and Roman smiles. Roman's huge, muscular body is beautifully displayed as Luke pushes in and out of his hole. Roman's dick is fully hard the entire time Luke is fucking him and he blows a huge load onto his muscled, hairy abs. Luke pulls out and covers Roman's hairy ass in cum.

6. Jake Deckard, Trey Casteel, Ricky Sinz

Back at the rec hall, Sergeant Hole is living up to his name. Jake Deckard is fucking the hell out of Trey Casteel when Ricky Sinz returns from a nighttime smoke. The two sergeants take control and tear Trey apart as they penetrate him almost against his will. In a scene that will certainly shock the industry, Trey takes more abuse from his commanding officers as they rip apart his hole. The sergeants hold him down, spit on him, and use pool sticks to keep him down and pliable. Trey takes an amazingly aggressive pounding as the two sergeants take turns fucking him. As one fucks, the other yells and spits, holding Trey against the table with all their body weight. This scene is over-the-top aggressive and the action here is like nothing ever seen before. As the sergeants cum, they leave Trey covered and alone to take care of his own need. Trey shoots and lays back bruised and beaten.

Almost in reaction to the violence, we find Jake alone in his tent, drinking. The night is very still and Jake reflects upon his actions. He thinks about war and about men who have died. War is serious stuff and he is but a single man in a world of violence and hate. He releases his emotions in private to prepare for another day. GRUNTS: Misconduct does not end in tears, but stoicism. It is the Army Way.
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