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New York Straight Men - Service Magnus! (Magnus and Trey)
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Meet Magnus! He came to us on request of his girlfriend! Magnus is a NYC steel worker, he does the welding on large scale construction projects. He is Irish/Scandinavian guy who now lives in NYC by way of the Jersey Shore.
He and his girlfriend are swingers. While they only play with guy/girl or girl/girl couples, Magnus admits that he has his cock sucked by "the other guy" on occasion and he liked it! His girlfriend ( who was off camera watching this shoot) also liked seeing it. That is why they are with us.

Magnus is a brawny guy who gets his muscles from all the hard work he does. His massive body is as hard as the steel he works with. Surprisingly, Magnus is a unassuming guy who is really open minded. He asked us if Trey would lick his ass, cause he never had a guy do that to him and wanted to try it out. Trey was game to totally and completely service Magnus exactly the way he wanted it.

The session started off with a little bit of a bj, then Magnus turned around and asked Trey to lick his asshole for a while. It seems like he enjoyed the tongue in his ass based on his moaning and vocal encouragement.

Magnus then turned around and wanted Trey to get to the business of sucking his fat cock, which was done expertly. So much so that Magnus shot his wad right in Trey's mouth, giving a pleasant surprise!
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