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BeefCake Hunter - Properly worshipping Beefcake Justin
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Properly worshipping Beefcake Justin is the first fuck of the year with my favorite Polish sausage, and the first fuck scene with a seasoned Beefcake, so we can feel home again!

Justin was doing some sub-contractor work around BeefCakeHunter Land, so he contacted me to see what’s up. Since many Hunters claimed that in his last video, I didn’t worship him properly, for me it was like the BCH Heaven was giving me another chance to make a video Properly worshipping Beefcake Justin… I know, I am a believer

After a long day at work he used my shower to get ready for some action, and like many other Beefcakes before, I made him strip up for us before I got on my knees for some oral work.

Then he laid down, and I toured his tall and sexy body, he really had no idea what I was trying to do lol, but like always, Justin is so easy going and it is a delight to work with him. So, I kissed his nipples, his chest, his belly, his armpits, and I played a lot with his pubic hair and finally, I did some rimming. The only thing I couldn’t do was kissing his feet and legs, as you can see, he had some serious mosquito bites, poor thing!

Once I finished worshipping him with my mouth, it was my hole’s turn to do some work. So, I rode him viciously to the point that I almost broke his cock! Lol

Switching control, I got on my fours so he can pound me away at his own pace, he did it so amazingly that I got on my sides for some deeper play, he was really getting me wide open for the next chapter.

This was not the first time that I have this sexy Polish dude fucking me in missionary position, but for sure this would be the longest and with no interruptions, yeah… that is right, I gave him the ok to finish like that, inside the condom, and what an amazing orgasm he delivered, that was a great intimate moment at BCH Land!

I hope you guys enjoy this video Properly worshipping Beefcake Justin.
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