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ManUpFilms - Mentalist Brian Bonds VS Lance Hart (Parts 1 and 2)
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Part 1: Lance Hart is a detective on a case. He’s heard rumblings of men coming and going from Brian Bond’s house, emptying their bank accounts and giving him all their money. He suspects something fishy.

When Lance confront Brian, Brian tells him the men gave them all they had by their own free will. Lance asks how this is possible, and Brian shows him his swinging watch and mentalist powers.
Lance does not believe in this sort of thing at all. He is a very straight laced man of the law. He quickly falls under Brian’s control. Brian give him a list of specific trigger works which make him do things like cluck like a chicken, moo like a cow, dance like a stripper… play with his own cock, and even kiss Brian.

Brian even has Lance eat a sheet cake like a savage animal, getting it all over himself just for fun.
After a lot of humiliation and confusion on Lance’s part, Brian lets him leave, but puts him under a few humiliating suggestions which Lance has to spend the rest of his night with.

To be continued…

Part 2: Detective Lance Hart has returned to Brian Bonds, the mentalist, and is asking him a few questions in the his kitchen. Brian interrupts and asks how Lance’s night went.

“Well it was peculiar. The other detectives at work kept asking me why my underwear was on the outside of my pants, and I told them that’s how we all dress…”
Brian gets a little dirtier this time, snapping the detective in and out of his control while making him do gay things. He gets Lance to suck his cock until he blows his load in Lance’s open mouth. Then he makes Lance jerk off and eat his own cum, thinking that the only way to arrest Brian is if his mouth is full of cum.
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