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Blacks On Boys - Trent Olsen, Devin Trez & Mr Cali
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Here I am home from college for the holidays and my parents away and what am I doing? Just banging away on my phone as usual. What I really want to do is get banged myself... bad. Do I dare try to hook up with the man I have always dreamed of? A big black man that can make me feel like the little slut I dream of. The guys on this Black Meet site sure are hot....and this one says says he can travel. I think that means come to see me... like here at my parents house... do I dare? Oh god yes! Look at his cock. I need a black cock like that  so bad... maybe this one time... maybe... I will just give him my number and see. Oh my god he said YES! Oh shit and he wants to bring a friend too... I am gonna be such a slut.
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