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8Teenboy - Winter Break Part Two: Breckenridge
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Winter Break Part Two: Breckenridge

Run Time: 160 minutes
Released: 2020-03-21
Studio: 8teenBoy
Director: Max Carter

Caleb Gray, Taylor Coleman, Riley Finch, Blake Mitchell, Jamie Ray, Milo Harper, Trevor Harris, Julian Bell


Away from home and ready to let their freak flag fly, these horny high schoolers heat up the slopes during their senior ski trip with twosomes, threesomes, and even foursomes! Hot high school drama abounds as beautiful boys are tempted by lust, cheating boyfriends bed hop, and friends become fuck buddies in this orgasmic adventure.

Scene 1. Winter Break vol. 6: Probing Deep

This is the scene you’ve been waiting for! Our gorgeous group of high school hotties are finally packed tightly together in a cozy cabin on their senior ski trip. Caleb Gray, who's been fucking Riley, behind Riley's boyfriend's back, is having a tough time seeing his fuck buddy snuggling up with his boyfriend, Taylor. Caleb’s definitely caught more feelings for Riley than he initially thought; so, naturally the dude is down in the dumps seeing his booty buddy snuggled up to his BF. Milo Harper notices Caleb's conundrum and decides to put a smile on the sexy sulker. He starts with a mind blowing blowjob then, moves on to an erotic ass examination while stuffing Gray’s gorgeous mouth full with his massive meat. No ass exam would be complete without a tongue fucking. After working Caleb’s cock hungry hole into a "fuck me please frenzy," with his darting tongue, Harper harpoons Caleb's hot hole with his more than ample, uncut appendage. Gray’s juicy jock is hungry for some hind end action as well; so, he throws Milo a beefy bone in a raunchy, raw dirty dog. Harper takes every inch of the hottie’s hefty hog before his top tendencies kick back in; and, he can't help but saunter up behind Caleb to cock the brunette’s smooth booty and finish what he started. The raw ram-a-thon builds, bringing both boys to a firehose finale. They're rocked up rods explode; and, they both empty every ounce of ooze all over Caleb’s tight torso, covering him with a winter white coat of cum, fitting for their snowy senior ski trip. Feeling closer to Milo, Caleb confesses he’s been fucking Riley, who just happens to be Milo’s bestie..... What will Milo do with this new info? Find out in the next dick heavy, drama filled fuck-travaganza of “Winter Break.” Coming soon!

Scene 2. Winter Break vol. 7: Use Somebody

The high school senior ski trip is in full effect and the guys are having the time of their lives! Hell bent on making their last high school hurrah a memorable one, Riley Finch and Jamie Ray are taking full advantage of every amenity, the picturesque cabin, ski lessons, AND, Blake Mitchell, their super hot ski instructor! After a morning lesson, the two twink’s spot Mr. Mitchell around town and Jamie turns his flirt game up to 100, inviting Blake back to the cabin. Mitchell takes the twink up on his offer and, Jamie is on his knees in seconds, shining the dude’s dome all the down to the base. Ray isn’t afraid to ask for what he wants; so, our beautiful blond bends over and instructs his ski teacher to “use his hole!” Mitchell attacks that ass like a beast! He smacks Ray’s peaches and cream caboose so hard he jumps! Then, the tasty teacher breaks in the boy’s back door with a darting tongue and thrusty fingers. Mr. Mitchell is in top shape. Looking diesel as fuck, he owns Jamie’s junk. He works our boy’s horny hole, then pulls his sizable schlong back and spit shines that for him too! Our top’s teaching skills go beyond the slopes. He orders Jamie around like a pretty puppy, conducting the high school hottie with his cock. Mr. Top dicks lil’ dude DOWN in doggy before telling the twink to put in some work. So, jamie pounces on his teacher’s pet, bouncing on the man’s massive, uncut member like a boy at a birthday. Back in control, Mr. Mitchell stands and delivers dick like a dream, gliding his girthy groin all the way in, then all the way out. Ray is in absolute ecstasy and a cock stroking, calm before the storm, comes over him. He tosses his head back and relaxes into the ramming until he can no longer keep the avalanche at bay. Shifting into high, Ray jacks his juicy jock till it spits snow white seed all over his tight twink stomach. Blake forges on without stopping, sending shockwaves through the boy’s body while he keeps crushing that ass like a monster! He hammers the high school slut’s hot hole for a good few minutes before busting. Proving, Ray can take one hell of a beautiful butt beating! Our sexy ski instructor fires his fuck load inside Jamie’s juicy hole then, pulls out and douses the rim. Ray is wide open. Blake glides his giant in and out of the gorgeous gape then, shoves his ski spunk back up the slushy slope.

Scene 3. Winter Break vol. 8: Slippery Slopes

Our hot, high school seniors have been cooped up in the ski cabin with salacious secrets far too long! Naturally, the dick swapping drama cums to a head in this episode of “Winter Break: Slippery Slopes!” Taylor Coleman finally realizes that his boyfriend and best friend, Riley Finch and Caleb Gray, have been bangin’ behind his back! Riley does his best to calm the hot tempered Taylor, but quickly realizes a three way romp may be better. So, he plants a kiss on Coleman, then motions for Caleb to join the party! While watching the best buddies make out, Riley makes his way down south to smooth the relationship rapids with a boyfriend blowjob. Once he’s confident his bf Taylor is 100% in, he works his side piece, Caleb’s cock deep into his cute kisser as well. The tripod tryst REALLY gets going when Caleb pipes up, letting Finch know he’d like a taste of that tight twink tush. Always down to have his derrière diddled, Riley slobs Taylor’s knob while Gray gorges on his gorgeous gluteus. With his rear wet and ready, Riley hops on his boy’s bareback bone for a bumpy good ride while Caleb cleans his bobbing beast for him. Gray finally gets the gonads to tell his best buddy Taylor, what he’s been dying to do. And that is, fuck the shit out of him! Cock sure Caleb bangs his buddy’s booty bareback while ramming Riley’s pretty face down the dude’s dick. Fuck junkie Finch gets got by our hot home wrecker next and, at Coleman's request, “pounded like he deserves!” Big dicked Caleb crams every inch inside Riley’s rump while pushing the pretty boy deeper down on his bestie’s boner before the boyfriends turn the tables on Gray, and put HIM in the middle of the steamy spit roast! Nearly ready to nut, Coleman wants to dip his dick back in his boyfriend’s cakes. But, this time, Caleb ups the ante and corks his can with a finger as he’s busy crushing Finch’s fanny! With a dick doing delicious damage at each of his ends, Riley’s big rig is ready to roar! His oversized twink torpedo shoots, sending sex seed sailing all the way up to his collarbone! Gray juices his giant jock and jizzes all over Finch’s fiercely fuckable face, glazing the guy’s mug and eye with every ounce of liquid ammo he’s got! Enjoying the show, Taylor holds his load till last. But, the cheated on- sex bomb makes it count! He busts a devastating amount of hot, sticky, liquid dick ALL over both boys, drowning the cheating chaps nice and good! Spent and exhausted, Taylor thinks they've got this triangle business out of their system. However, Riley lets him know, he's just getting revved up!

Scene 4. Winter Break vol. 9: Distraction Techniques

After finding out his boyfriend and best friend have been hooking up, and THEN attempting to make it right by having a threesome, Taylor is a bit stressed out. So, he takes a midnight walk to clear his head and happens upon Trevor Harris. Trevor is pining over Julian Bell, who “thinks” he’s straight. Taking a page out of his cheating boyfriends book, Taylor gets on his knees and swallows Trevor’s big bone right there in the balcony! It’s mighty chilly outside; so, Trevor suggests they head inside to take this trust to the next level. Warm and cozy indoors, Coleman finishes what he started and really lays into Harris’ huge hog, bobbing up on down on the big boy while Trevor helps out with a push at the back of the head. Trevor helps Coleman out of his jeans; then, he downs the dude’s dick with deep throat delight. At Coleman’s request, Harris pushes the dirty blond’s legs up and eats that hot little, high school hole. He spreads the boy’s beautiful back seat then, slowly slides his darting tongue in and out of his smooth hole while teasing Taylor with his fingers. Confident Coleman could use a good cocking, he offers the guy a raw ride on his huge hammer. The horned up hottie accepts and starts grinding his gorgeous ass to glory. Just when Coleman hits his stride, Trevor’s crush julian busts through the door. The secret sex partners go back and forth, arguing a bit until Harris finally gets Julian to admit he likes guys so he can join in the fun! Elated and free, he kisses his crush, then shoves his mouth down onto Coleman’s cock. The boys go buck wild, slamming one another’s holes in every configuration imaginable! Taylor gets up the courage to ask the boys to fulfill his wildest fantasy. He wants to get D.P'd and, the boys are more than happy to oblige! They stuff Coleman chuck FULL of cock, stretching the hot high school senior out severely. The new sensation is unbelievable, and Trevor unleashes a tidal wave of white hot boy bust! The extra large load oozes down Coleman’s crack and onto Bell’s beefy bone. Taylor reaches back and shoves the spunk, AND Julian's jock back up his well worked ass. The warm nut up his butt causes his cock to jet a load of juicy jizz all over Julian’s heaving chest. He dismounts and Bell blasts a big beautiful load, splashing far and wide and all the way out of frame! Spent and satisfied, the thrupple relax in a cozy cum puddle before deciding to go find out what kind of trouble the others are up to. Find out with them, on the next dick and drama filled edition of "Winter Break!"

Scene 5. Winter Break vol. 10: Keeping Warm

It’s the last night of the senior ski trip; and, Riley Fitch, Caleb Gray, Milo Harper and Jamie Ray are relaxing in the hot tub when Blake Mitchell saunters in. Dipping his wick in the tasty bowl of chicken soup is all Blake wants to do; but, he forgot his swimsuit. None of the boys are wearing suits under the bubbles either; so, they let Mr. Big Dick know, he's more than welcome. Blake’s huge, uncut hog hangs low, swinging with impressive heft as it cuts through the cold. The fantastic four give into temptation and, slid this senior ski trip into seriously slutty territory. Taylor, Trevor and Julian appear on the balcony, fresh from their thrusty three way; and, they realize the age old adage, “the more the merrier,” definitely applies in this situation. All three join the romanesque ram-a-thon! Lusty lads flood the living room, cramming one another with every cock configuration imaginable! The epic, fuck fueled finale of this incredible series will leave you breathless. Every seed filled senior tosses off onto a randy Riley, coating the dude with copious amounts of creamy, young cum! Their senior year may be coming to a close; but, these boys definitely filled their spank bank with enough wank worthy material to last a lifetime!
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